During Ms. Sun to buy gold prices have been rising

As the international price of gold “roller coaster” type of change, many investors choose to buy gold at a lower price to buy the dips, as investment. And when you need to buy gold is not able to timely and effective realization? Visited a number of gold shop, the bank replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry found that cash gold is not easy to remove the depreciation charges, formalities, returns to investors have not a small discount.

Save for a few years is difficult to sell gold jewelry

All along, the marriage preparation “three gold” is the habit of many families now buy gold jewelry and investment has become, the family accumulated a lot of pieces of gold, as gold prices rise looks money, can practice but far not the case.

Ms. Sun from marriage to now, there have been more than a dozen pieces of gold jewelry, some replica Van Cleef clover necklace gold bars, gold coins, child birthday, travel time, but also continue to buy gold jewelry. From the beginning of 2005, his first purchase of gold jewelry, then the price of less than 200 yuan a gram, to the beginning of this year the high price of 400 yuan per gram, Ms. Sun feel picked the right way to make money. During Ms. Sun to buy gold prices have been rising.

Like Ms. Sun, as well as some gold jewelry she had got, according to the original purchase amount, the total number of grams of about 50 grams. “I bought it the most expensive 300 yuan, now three hundred sixty yuan, was one gram a minimum net profit of $ 60, there are also more than 3,000 yuan in revenue.” Ms. Zhou wondering.

The recent price fluctuations, Ms. Sun let those who are in the habit of buying gold people a little replica Van Cleef and Arpels earrings sit still, some purchased again at a lower price, while others are at slightly higher prices ready to hand.

“I think the experts say, the price of gold will not necessarily change how little rise, I can act.” Mr. Liu holds some gold products, and most investors who do not like, because anxious to use the money, intends to hand inventory fully realized. Consult several gold shop and the bank after being told “do not recall”, “demolition of the seal can not be” “Up TM” “to charge fees and depreciation”, so that his intention cash off the air.

No no invoice counter

If you want to cash in the hands of gold products, how to do? Some gold shop, the replica Hermes bracelet enamel bank said, to be subject to certain depreciation costs, fees, and some gold shop banks to recover only their own brand products.

Visited some shopping malls gold shop counters, cash gold understand the problem. Staff a mall counters that a certain brand of gold, whether it is investment in gold bullion or gold jewelry, they only recycle their own brand of this product. When recycling, you must provide a completed purchase invoice, warranty documents and other related materials.

In a large gold jewelry stores, gold jewelry and asked recycling issues, staff said the business did not temporarily, only to trade. Some state-owned banks to issue recovery investment in gold bullion, gold coins, that can be realized, but taking into account the difficult issues such as identification, issued Hermes jewelry replicas by the Bank recovered only gold products. When recovered, the bank staff said the product must require intact, not open sealed plastic appearance.

Trade-in price recovery and depreciation, different shop, and bank counters vary. A gold shop staff said, gold jewelry trade procedures to depreciation, according to the price of gold every day is different, there are different variations probably ranging from ten dollars to tens of dollars. A shop staff said, only to the price of recycling old material gold product recycling old material prices compared to the gold price is much lower, because the need recycled, testing, processing and other costs. According to different gold content, there are different price recovery.

This year, the domestic market as a whole jade

2013 which, jade, and nephrite is still a “Crazy Stone”, although there have been minor adjustments, but it does not hinder the overall trend of rising prices. However, different grades of jade, the price differentiation is more obvious. Therefore, the proposal aims to get appreciation of the Friends of Tibet in the collection of jade, and nephrite, should be fine to start, to look at those “jade collection level” on.

“Overall, this year’s turnover of civil emerald heat than imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry last year decreased.” Nanning senior jade collectors Ms. Shen said that many collectors will sell to keep possession, and therefore highly sensitive to market developments. This year, Ms. Shen sold a few pieces of high-grade jade jewelry, not only the price is lower imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry than expected, but also feel hard to find at home. Ms. Shen in 2011 to 120,000 yuan to buy a pair of green bean kind of jade bracelet, 2012 was bid 480,000 yuan, in September this year sold 54 million price, there was no market price doubled again.

Ms. Shen said that in 2009 to 2011, is the emerald prices rose the Van Cleef replica necklace most crazy three years, followed by Jade entered a period of adjustment. This year, the domestic market as a whole jade, the price is still high to see, but some high-grade jade appears there is no market price embarrassment.

Experts: Nanning positive clubhouse full of art investment expert Lee Jong mentioned that in 2013, investment in the category of jade, jade and nephrite jade is still the most replica Van Cleef and Arpels earrings valuable category. However, the middle and low market demand in recent years, jade in the fall, especially in high-grade jade jadeite and nephrite, etc. are still performed well.

In fact, jade collection market affected by the economic environment is relatively large, had replica Van Cleef jewelry a lot of business owners, business people have invested jade after making money, along with economic restructuring, the domestic market also appeared jade “squeeze bubble” of the adjustment, this adjustment is expected to continue into 2014.

Due to the Federal Reserve (FED) to reduce the stimulus caused by emerging market asset prices

Escalation of tensions in Crimea, Ukraine on Sunday to take off Ukraine into Russia, the market is worried about the prospects of China’s economic growth. Gold’s safe haven demand boosted, spot gold on Friday (March 14) ASEM intraday once replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry hit a six month high of $1376.20 / ounce, gold has been continuously rise in the four trading days, or up (since August 2011 the longest continuous rally) in the six consecutive weeks.
The situation in Ukraine and the Chinese data to boost gold
Due to the Federal Reserve (FED) to reduce the stimulus caused by emerging market asset prices, China’s economic growth slowed, the situation continued unrest in Ukraine, gold hedge shine again shine, the price of gold rose 14% this year. Data released this week showed that China’s February retail sales and industrial output is lower than expected. Crimea will hold a referendum on Sunday, from Ukraine, to join russia. U.S. President Barack Obama (Obama Barack) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Merkel Angela) warned that the vote has no legal effect.
Yongfeng Hongkong financial group analyst, said the situation in knockoff Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry Ukraine and China’s economic growth by the situation and China’s economic slowdown concerns support. Withdrawal of the stock market, the weak dollar has supported the gold price.”
At least four investment banks have cut growth forecasts for the world’s second largest economy, with fears that China’s economic growth is not stable, and the MCSI global stock index has fallen by 1.60% in recent years. The dollar index fell 0.4% against the ten major currencies this year.
The Fed will hold a policy meeting next week
Gold 14 RSI is located at 70 level, there are analysts believe that this is the Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry imitations price of gold will fall signal. SPDR gold ETF holdings rose to 813.3 tons on Thursday, the highest level since last December 20th.
And even though the Fed began to cut back on its stimulus, gold began to rebound. Data released Thursday showed that the United States in February retail sales rose for the first time in three months, the economic recovery prospects are supported. The Fed will Van Cleef replica earrings hold a meeting in March 18-19, replica Hermes jewelry is expected to continue to reduce the size of the purchase debt.
Beijing time 17:03, spot gold was quoted at $1370.60 / oz.

while medium-sized enterprises in the overall strength has increasingly improved

Favorite industry market a miracle, Jingdong admiration city jade jewelry, antiques miscellaneous single market occupancy rate during the month occupancy rate reaching an unprecedented level. According to Mr. Ma, general manager Jingdong admiration widely from city said: Jingdong paintings antiques to create the first brand to create the first market Jingdong paintings antiques, paintings antiques Jingdong to build the first aircraft carrier. It is our resolve, we have such confidence. Professional management of high-end wine and high-end collectibles replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry Beijing International Trade Co., Ltd. Zhang Xiao a total also on the prospects for the development of high-end collectibles market is very promising, coins, stamps and other collectibles sales rose significantly compared with previous years.

Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow Renhao Ning believes that the rise of the collection industry is the trend, increase industry concentration, the diversification of the focus of competition, the important function of modern logistics system gradually emerged, collectibles industry will become a vital force in the consumer sector, from major domestic and foreign giants, collectors will be the main focus in China, large and high-quality consumer groups will lead the collectibles market blowout state, “thirteen five” period, the domestic industry, the core collection index is expected to rise more than 30% occurred.

Industry concentration to enhance: a substantial increase in the number of sectors involved in the collection companies, while medium-sized enterprises in the overall strength has increasingly improved, industry concentration will be reflected in the leading enterprises in the industry’s influence, the industry benchmark will be more clear, small businesses , agents, service providers will focus on leading enterprises replica Van Cleef jewelry attached to the side, part of the work in the industry chain, in order to get good economic returns. Collectibles industry will show a contending situation, various types of enterprises can have a share from the field, industry structure optimization adjustment will make the whole industry to achieve a virtuous circle.

Diversification focus of competition: the core competitiveness of collectibles industry is reflected in the value of their collections, traditional antique jade, modern high-end collectibles comparability between not great, each collection has a unique cultural heritage and the specific value of expression. Traditional collectibles occupy most of the market space, while modern high-end collectibles will also be showing blowout knockoff Hermes jewelry situation, high-end liquor, high-end wine, a special souvenir inherent in market value are recognized young people. The focus of competition will be large and diversified group of companies better opportunities for development, and to a small but based on the country’s small and medium enterprises will also usher in a period of rapid growth.

Efficient logistics and distribution system: the paste after sales service and efficient distribution system, improve product maintenance knowledge is a modern collection of enterprises is essential basic conditions, the rise of modern logistics replica Hermes bracelet enamel center has accelerated the rate of collection of their liquidity, while ensuring the safety of the product, but also help enterprises to obtain a comprehensive and detailed market information. “The logistics world” will be the motto of the collection industry, 020 mode collectibles business impact will be manifested, among domestic traders, international traders, store hares relationship will become more blurred.

Collectibles industry is “Accumulate” Industry, in replica Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet gathering many years of effective precipitation, the industry will be showing a new momentum and a favorable market environment, the collection will gradually from “niche industry” to “public industries”, ” National industry “transition.

The price is generally appreciated by 1-3 times, and some even still marking time

Jewelry set “the United States, a long, thin” in one, less affected by monetary inflation, with prices of basic changes in the international market, is a relatively stable and healthy alternative investment products, with great growth potential, more and more investment of all ages. So, how can the wealth investment jewelry stable value it?

Due to the scarcity of resources, precious stones will be less and less, so prices are rising every year, as long as the investment jewelry in the right direction, there will be a larger gain, investment jewelry market sooner the better. To get the jewels and maximize replica Cartier love jewelry return on investment, we must abide by a basic rule: “Instead of more and cheaper, as realized”, all kinds of precious stones in the boutique more investment value, appreciation potential, and low-end gem investment the rate of return that is greater uncertainty factors. As in the 2006 auction in Hong Kong, a fingernail-size (15.5mm × 13mm × 6.3mm) emerald ring face, actually shoot high of HK $ 3.87 million, reaching an average of HK $ 371,800 per carat. Many low-grade jade (been dubbed the “brick material”), in the same decade, the price is generally appreciated by 1-3 times, and some even still marking time.

Jewelry variety, colorful, diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, quartz and the like. Different jewelry its preservation, appreciation potential are also different. How do investors have targeted to select? In all kinds of jewelry, diamonds are small risk, high-return replica Cartier jewelry investment products, should be the first choice for jewelry investment. Look at the current market price, carat diamond rose every year by 8% -10% increase. But not all diamonds are appreciated, is closely related to the diamond value-added to its weight. 1 kt or less consumer-grade diamonds do not have any added value possible, and more than 1 carat diamond prices continued annually. With the increase in weight, the price exponentially fold increase (in the case of color, clarity equivalent), such as 1-carat diamond is 80,000 yuan, but the same quality 2 carat is 260 thousand yuan. This phenomenon is called the carat premium, the same applies to the entire jewelry investment. Investment diamonds, be sure to follow the 4C (weight, clarity, color, cut) principle, and imitation Cartier jewelry to buy carat diamond based, have the real investment value. In addition, investment in high-end diamond and belonging to the edge, requiring greater financial strength, investment must be cautious, ordinary investors do not want to see the diamond price speculation, it must be based on its own economic strength and the degree of preference for investment.

Emerald color, species abundant, compared to other jewelry, more fit Chinese people’s aesthetic taste and cultural psychology. The higher the quality of jade, the appreciation of the larger space, so high-quality jade is the first choice of investment. From the collection of the growth rate of investment, the buy replica Cartier jewelry faster growth of high-quality jade in the last 4–5 years, the value rose several times, even several times. However, for everyone loved kinds, water, color, work very good jade, the current price is relatively high, is not necessarily suitable for ordinary investors jade, jade because of this investment, we need to spend a lot of capital and realized there are certain difficulties. Therefore, when investing, pay more attention to those who have room for appreciation of jade, like buying stocks, not buy the most expensive, but the potential to replica Cartier love jewelry buy those shares. Compared to green, spring and colorless and transparent emerald, Mexican Green is a more breeds appreciation potential, the Mexican Green jewelry are generally more emphasis on design, suitable for young investor demand.

Europe Thursday intraday narrow trading range, trading in the range of 1140-1150

The European Central Bank (ECB) Thursday (November 6) interest rates unchanged, Draghi in the subsequent press conference that the ECB will soon start buying ABS (asset-backed securities), the central bank’s purchase debt program will last for two years, its balance sheet will return to early 2012 levels. Wensheng euro fell sharply, the dollar index to refresh nearly four and a half high point to 87.90. Spot gold remain under pressure, Europe Thursday intraday narrow trading range, trading in the range of 1140-1150, the lowest reach 1141.10, the highest touched 1149.00.

Safe-haven demand for gold since April 2010 located replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry at the lowest level, there is growing concern is the next target of $ 1000.

Gold fell below key support on Friday after the beginning of 1180 fell sharply. Thereafter, a stronger dollar, gold fell below a range of other support.

A lot of people think the dollar’s decline is temporary Thursday, they expect the dollar will continue to be strong, as strong US economic data, the Federal Reserve (FED) may raise interest rates soon.

Unexpectedly last week by the Bank of Japan to expand the scale and influence replica Van Cleef Arpels of liberal Republicans control both houses of the United States, the dollar rose sharply, spot gold fell since April 2010 low of $ 1137.40 / ounce.

Dutch bank (ABN Amro) analyst Georgette Boele said, “Do not try to catch a falling knife. Dollar has further upside momentum, especially in the Fed this year, the situation has become more hawkish.”

Technical analysts said, after gold fell below a key retracement of 1154, the possibility of dropping 1000 mark on the increase.

In addition to the dollar, analysts are also worried about Chinese demand is Van Cleef Arpels jewelry replicas not strong enough. The top consumers tend to buy when the price of gold fell a lot of jewelry, bars and coins, provide the market with a bottom support, but so far this has not happened.

ANZ Bank (ANZ) analyst Victor Thianpiriya, “said Chinese physical demand has not the slightest sign of improvement. Despite the sharp decline in the gold price, a premium is not significantly increased.”

Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) on Thursday the price of gold below international levels. This wholesale Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry week the price of gold has remained the premium, which means that demand is very weak.

Industrial Bank (Societe Generale) analyst Robin Bhar said, “weak physical demand One possible explanation is that investors are waiting for the price of gold fell further or stabilize.” He noted that the devaluation is also a factor.

Traders are waiting for the US October non-farm payrolls report on Friday will be released, they replica Cartier jewelry thought it would be another key factor in triggering gold. Strong report might boost the dollar further reduced safe-haven demand for gold.

Guangzhou, thousands of gold jewelry prices stabilized at an average of 300 yuan / gram or more

Tuesday Asian markets finished lower international price of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry gold, resulting in some domestic investors to enter the market just suffered a “quilt” fate. China has just announced measures to double down, short-term force on the gold market is relatively limited. Midline or maintain a strong dollar, adversely affect the price of gold.

International price of gold from the $ 1,161 six-week high Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replicas and gradually decline this week to $ 1148 / ounce. Overnight the price of silver fell 4.8%, platinum prices plummeted 4.5%, palladium price early Tuesday hit its lowest level for three years.

“Premium” value of the domestic spot price of gold fell to 237.86 yuan / gram low, and 239.5 yuan / gram Shanghai Futures Exchange futures quotation date further widening prove domestic investors are still optimistic about the market outlook. Guangzhou, thousands of gold jewelry prices stabilized at an average of 300 yuan / gram or more.

Institutional investors take profits

Tuesday Gold Zoudie hand from the rebound after the dollar fell sharply, on the other hand, many institutional investors at $ 1,100 / ounce positions to do more, to more than $ 1150 has been lucrative, many people choose to be secured . In addition, the Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry imitations continuous decline in value of commodities also bearish on gold prices.

RRR rate cut measures to influence the price of gold are good bad, short-term, bearish good cancel each other out, while maintaining stability in commodity markets, which will help gold rebound, but it also makes the dollar index outlook change for the better, Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry it is not conducive to dollar-denominated gold trend. Neutral point of view, there may be more harm than good, a strong dollar is likely to remain at a longer period of time.

Beware of short-term fall further

Technically, the top gold precious metals Mo Orchids that: cross replica van cleef and arpels necklace Yinxian has occurred, the trading volume shrinking, beware outlook “Yindie important short-term technical support at $ 1135 line, if broken, the next support level in 1100 dollars.

However, from August to October is the traditional peak season demand for gold, and the Fed rate hike is expected to weaken the dollar, gold is still the midline upward oscillation trend, even fall, also have a chance to rebound again. Recommendation paper gold T + D investors in a few more back and forth to buy low sell high, do more thinking based.

The industry recommendations: midline gold price rebound opportunities

“Finally ‘flesh’ out of the stock market, did not think a quilt is also buying gold.” Guangzhou replica van cleef clover necklace Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Daily reporter to Mr. Luo investors complained that he was in line to do more buying of $ 1155 gold T + D products Tuesday downward trend below his purchase price.

Guangzhou Daily reporter from Guangdong Po Guangdong gold companies and other enterprises understand the rebound since August, the number of investors enter the market to buy gold with a substantial increase in investment to do more T + D products abound, but because replica hermes bracelet of the cost Jiancang high, and so far there is not much investors massive profit.

Guangdong Bao He Weifeng analysts believe that there are still many opportunities for the middle price of gold rally, the current point is not high, less risk fell sharply, already Jiancang investors should not be too worried, waiting time “loosened” and profit. Not Jiancang investors, investors should gradually Jiancang, bargain hunters to keep a medium to long term investment ideas.

How they are to be found? Its auction market will have any effect?

In May and June this year, the global diamond industry, there are two “big news”: First, the world is currently ranked second in the original Shi Ganggang diamond sold for $ 63 million price, rough diamond prices refresh records; the second is the Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet Replica end of June, the auction the first rough diamonds will be auctioned, it is expected to easily break the $ 63 million record. Juzuan who is owned by? How they are to be found? Its auction market will have any effect?

Diamond – is about to change the fate of a country
9 auction at Sotheby’s auctioning 813 carats of diamonds “Constellation” (Constellation), and the end of June it will auction weighing 1109 karats of “Our Light” rough diamond, Canada belong to Lukla (Lucara) diamonds all. This two diamonds in November last year was also found in Botswana’s diamond mines Callaway for two hundred years to discover the largest rough diamonds.

813 kt 1109 carats, what is this concept? As the size of soybean, Silver Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica actress proud “pigeon egg” Usually in a few carats to 20 carats ordinary one carat diamond ring diamonds. And “Our Light” is a thousand times the ordinary diamond diamond weight, such as the tennis ball-sized, diamond female models to showcase two hands to good holding in her hand.

Currently, the world’s largest recorded rough diamonds in 1905 Cullinan diamond, replica Cartier jewelry weighing 3106 karats, but has now been cut. “Our Light” after being discovered, has become the world’s largest rough diamond, but also the first time in 100 years discovered more than 1000 kt of rough diamonds.

“Constellation” after the auction to become the world’s highest auction price of rough diamonds, but this is expected to soon break the record. Because the constellation auction price of $ 63 million, based on the weight change calculation, “Our Light” will be the auction price of replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry at least $ 86 million.

According to media reports, “constellation” is a “not bad money,” the Dubai diamond company bought local tyrant.

The addition of the calendar function is not loved by the general movement

Speaking German Observatory certification appears, it would have to mention the WEMPE. WEMPE from jewelry, watch started, then turned and watchmaking history with deep roots and Glashütte, Glashütte watchmakers have to say is, the inventor of the flying tourbillon HELWIG WEMPE who worked for Glashütte 100th anniversary WEMPE bell boat manufacturing plant over the table, and therefore actively promote its own knockoff Van Cleef Arpels jewelry observatory German standard certification obtained Glashütte town each support. WEMPE Government support for the reconstruction of the German city of La Sudi Observatory, detect and measure approved by the German authorities, began to “MADEINGERMANY” watch and products for the detection accuracy of travel certification. German history is not than the Swiss Observatory Observatory short history, the German official Observatory certification test standards require the entire table only in the town of Glashütte to accept a 15-day test, and the movement will have in a 5-party testing. So even though the Berlin Wall during the city Glashütte watch industry suffered heavy losses, but then GUB watch factory produced annually watch the observatory level.

Restless transfer table Titans

We’ll play method of mechanical watches obsessive-up table (below)
For each brand navigation table engraved enthusiasm, in the continuation of the basic navigation features table situation, begin adding different features fresh and hot, and the pursuit of precision can not meet these restless guys, so there has been a replica Van Cleef Arpels large number of unique “three-pin line” observatory navigation table series. Patek Philippe Ref.5235, which is Patek Philippe’s first launch of the “three-pin line” watch, the addition of the calendar function is not loved by the general movement, take the thin line, using K gold pearl Tuo. Jaeger MasterGrandeTradition specification pointer watch, added three very blunt question, but also a long power watch, the power reserve up to two weeks. Breguet ClassiqueGrandComplication is always on the “three-pin line” layout joined Tourbillon, small second straight crisp resting on the tourbillon. Jacques de RegulatorIvoryEnamel with a large fire ivory enamel dial, 8 word layout. IWC Portuguese series specification pointer movement using a pocket watch movement 98245, apparently 98 movement transformation products. Montblanc more innovative, removing the traditional power reserve display, which regulate navigation pointer chronograph not only replica Cartier jewelry joined the two, also have time, day and night display, and many other features, has become a “three-pin line” in the complex function watch big coffee .

These are sufficient to show for each engraved nautical tables have great enthusiasm, “three-pin line” layout applications to watch still charm is due to two things: first, to ensure accurate measurements, but neat needle independent undertaking the reading clear; the second, a strong retro style, setting norms pointer appears from the 17th century, its stable movement layout and structure make it a very small change, “three-pin line” style three-pin table is a table Hermes jewelry replica in the Great Friends three needles, it is important to select a small three-pin outside. These specifications are pointers watches although each stunt, I prefer to watch Glashütte Senatorchronometer observatory, because it truly technical heritage and the development of the Observatory navigation table down.

Little do they know there will be a jewelry appraisal certificate fraud occurs

Jewelry appraisal certificate as “identity” is determined to prove the authenticity of the jewelry. There is a saying “experts see things, outsiders certificate”, the average consumer is difficult to trained professional appraisers of eyes, it also allows for exclusive jewelry certificate of authenticity has become a layman reassurance. Little do they know there will be a jewelry appraisal certificate fraud occurs, then how to determine the authenticity of the jewelry certificate of authenticity of it?

■ Flag

We can confirm that on the certificate issued by Hermes jewelry replica the flag certificate approved testing organization which is dedicated to the qualification, the mark will appear on the general certificate has: “CMA”. “CMA” is a Chinese measurement certification / accreditation (China Metrology Accreditation) abbreviation. Under the “People’s Republic of China Measurement Law”, a comprehensive evaluation and certification by the provincial people’s government administrative departments of detection capability and reliability testing organizations carried out, which is any jewelry appraisal certificate issued by the unit must have qualifications. There are “CMA” mark inspection reports can be used to evaluate the quality of products, and the results of forensic legally binding.

■ Appearance Description

Consistent sample confirmation whether to buy jewelery and certificates described, comprising: a sample of photos, the weight and the weight on the label on the certificates, jewelry and describe whether the appearance of correspondence.

Photo is direct evidence to distinguish between different jade jewelry, clear and accurate Van Cleef Arpels jewelry wholesale picture identification certificate, it will greatly increase the difficulty of counterfeiting. However, in some cases, due to the similar styles of jewelry, photographs similar characteristics, it is difficult to distinguish. In this case, the exact weight is another valid data can be verified. In addition to photos and weight, certificate of authenticity as well as some distinctive exterior features, such as sugar color jade bracelet hand-inch.

■ test content

Content of different types of jewelry certificate of authenticity will be different. Inlaid diamond grading certificate, the most should pay attention to the color level and clarity grade diamonds, and diamond cut proportions on some certificates; examination certificate purity precious metal jewelry is the most important type and content of precious metals; jewelery identification of the most important conclusions of the examination certificate.

National standards, natural jade jewelry is no longer marked “natural” word, and after manual processing or synthetic gemstones must express, such as: the conclusion of “Ruby”, indicating Fengyun ruby is natural output; “Ruby ( processing) “is an indication of a specific treatment, indicating Fengyun ruby replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry wholesale gemstone is natural, but in order to improve its appearance after some manual processing methods;” synthetic ruby “indicates a non-natural ruby output, but purely human of the product synthesized in the laboratory.

“Remarks” column: general sample testing process encountered some relatively special status, will be explained in the notes indicated on. Such as identification certificate and nephrite, once it comes to the case of the surface treatment, it will indicate the specific handling of the note.

■ seal

To prevent the identification of bodies is fake certificate shall be stamped with the official seal on the certificate of authenticity, a red seal as a test identifier, more often than not with the one printed certificate, after testing the stamp.

Today some large enough for identification of aircraft is carried heavy security, such as Xinjiang rock gem imitation Cartier jewelry quality inspection stand in 2007 to enable the new certificate, also added Internet search functions. You need to enter a query batch codes and business codes, so that consumers can be used convenient way to verify, check online purchase jewelery understanding of the relevant information.

■ Learn Standard

General appraisal certificate jade jewelry appraisal will be marked according to the standard of judgment, specifically the current national standard: GB / T 16552 jewelery name, GB / T 16553 jade jewelry appraisal, GB / T 16554 diamond grading, GB / T 18043 metal jewelery content NDT method X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, GB 11887 jewelry precious metal purity and designation methods.

Certificates will be clearly marked in accordance with what is standard jewelery made by the detector. In addition, there should be identification of the date of signature of two or more appraisers and certificates on the certificate.